Etiket Arşivleri: plastik enjeksiyon kalıpları

Production of Plastic Injection Molds

Production of Plastic Injection Molds The molds in which the most plastic types are produced according to the purpose of use are Plastic Injection Molds. The plastic raw material melted in the injection furnace is injected into the mold with high pressure. The plastic that cools in the mold takes the shape of its mold. […]

Plastic Coupling Manufacturing

Plastic Coupling Manufacturing Plastic Encoder Coupling: DMR Machine are intermediate elements that provide the transfer of rotational motion between the shafts working on the same axis. It is an important element for the controlled transmission of motion in machines or motors. Even if the logic seems to be easy, mistakes made at the time of […]

Coupling Production

Coupling Production In the era we live in, in the technological competitive environment, manufacturers can only increase their quality to the extent that they specialize in their own fields. By doing in-depth research on this issue, they can renew and expand their business capacity. Therefore, engine manufacturers can only manufacture engines, compressor manufacturers can only […]

Coupling Manufacturing

Coupling Manufacturing Coupling is an element that transfers the rotational action and moment produced in a power source to another system. A coupling that implements this task can also: It should not transmit vibrations and knocks that may be in the system to the engine behind it. If the system is playing normally, it must […]