Printing Machinery Spare Parts Manufacturing

Printing Machinery Spare Parts Manufacturing

We are making printing machines and spare parts. If you need Printing Machines and Spare Parts, you can contact us.

You can review the brief descriptions of spare parts below;

What is a Roller: The cylindrical part that transmits water or paint homogeneously to the mold boiler in the printing machine is called Roller.

Ink: The substance that gives color to the material, consisting of a mixture of varnish, pigment, and binders, is Ink.

Pigment: It constitutes the essence of the paint, gives its true color and is used in paint production by combining with various varnishes and fillers.

Numerator: The electronic device on the printing machine that counts the print and indicates that the print is made according to the desired number is called the numerator.

Dash: It is a case consisting of two tones such as black and white.

What is Tram: These are the dots that are used to print pictures by means of a plate in both letterpress printing and offset and intaglio printing. The number of dots per cm2 may be different depending on the printing type and printing material.

Scissors: The paper, whose front and side caliper is adjusted, is held by the scissors and transmitted to the rotating printing vessel. While the printed paper goes to the stack, the scissors return and take the new paper to the printing boiler.

What is a Mold: It is the metal layer on which the image of the assembled film is transferred together with the light.

Original: It is a photograph prepared to be clichéd. A picture is an example of a shape and a map made with lines.

What is Poza: While printing, it is the part that moves the paper back and forth, helping to transmit the paper to the printing vessel properly in the machine.

What is Sheet Offset: They are machines that print on cut paper.

Autotype cliche: A printing pattern of halftone pictures and photographs using a screen.

Transparent ink: Transparent and colorless ink.

What is Trichrome Printing: It is a type of printing with different screen angles, which is printed with three-color serial dyes.

High printing: It is letterpress printing system. Because the parts that take paint are high, it is called High Printing.

What is a Cliche: It is metal molds or letterpress printing molds prepared for printing letters and pictures in the printing house.

Dash cliche: It is a printing plate prepared without dotted tonal difference of an original prepared in black and white.

Marker notch: It is the hollow on the bold side of the letter.

Flat printing: Lithography, also known as Lithography, is called Flat Printing.