Military Industry Spare Parts Manufacturing


As DMR Machine, we manufacture all kinds of defense industry machinery spare parts for our valued customers with our expert personnel and equipment in Military Industry Spare Parts Manufacturing.

National defense is one of the biggest independence indicators of countries. All the developments in this field also reflect the geopolitical power of the countries. In the light of this approach, national infantry rifle, national war helicopter, national tank, national unmanned aerial vehicle, national air defense systems, national satellite, national warplane projects were shared with the public. In parallel with the recent developments of our national defense industry, many sectors have also been activated. One of the most important of these is of course the mold industry. Spare part production and quality is the driving force here. The defense industry, which consists of sensitive and complex systems, is attentive to domestic suppliers that will support it and meet its needs.

As DMR Machine Mold Industry, it has also revised its machinery park well with the awareness of this national duty. Our company, which was authorized after quality and system tests, systematically produces the design, product development, prototype manufacturing, special productions and mass productions that our defense industry needs. Naturally, we do not exhibit the products we produce in this field, based on the confidentiality agreements we have signed and in accordance with our reverse engineering principles.

In this context, we ask defense industry companies that want to learn about our production capabilities to share their presentation requests with our marketing department.