Machinery Spare Parts Manufacturing


Machinery Parts Manufacturing

Our company, which follows the current technology in quality and continues to renew its machinery in accordance with the developing production systems, continues its production rapidly by recording the benches that can produce serial spare parts suitable for automation and software that can respond to mass production in its inventory. The goal of our company is to make quality production and to make serial and fast machining in accordance with market conditions. Automotive, machinery, furniture, curtains, spare parts, textiles, awnings, spare parts are produced.

DMR Machine serves the automotive industry, machinery, spare parts, furniture industry, white goods, shelves, decoration, awnings, curtains, fittings systems, printing and textile industries. By adopting the understanding of innovation, quality and service in machining, we always continue to produce CNC turning and CNC milling machines.

Machinery Spare Parts Manufacturing

We serve many sectors in the field of machinery manufacturing. We not only manufacture turnkey machines, but also manufacture Machinery Spare Parts. We have design and design services in turnkey projects with our design team within our company. In machine design, assembly easiness is calculated by reverse engineering method. Machine risk analysis is carried out to prevent possible problems during operation. We analyze risk analysis not only dynamic loads, but also electronically. Factors such as working environment factors and annual working hours are also taken into consideration.

How is Machine Manufacturing Made?

While we prefer systems such as pneumatic, hydraulic and driver used in the machines we produce, we prefer companies that are known in the sector as much as possible. Machinery manufacturing companies mostly demand materials that are cost-effective and difficult to supply at the design point.

It is not an acceptable situation for the machines to take longer than necessary for the breakdown process while they are working for production purposes.

The probability of failure of components such as bearings, drivers, bearings, motors, chains and bands that operate continuously is higher than other mechanical parts. In addition, machine chassis constructions must be of a certain structure. The welded method is generally used for a robust, high quality and not short-lived machine chassis.

We produce high-precision components using Gerardi super precision vises obtained from the leading SM Technology company, specializing in the sale of CNC machine tools, equipment, and cutting tools. These vises enable us to achieve tight tolerances, ensuring the high-quality machining of parts. With the Autogrip hydraulic chuck acquired from SM Technology, we have enhanced our clamping capabilities on our CNC lathe.

Thanks to the F48 collets obtained from ERVEYSA for our CNC automatic machine, we can securely clamp and process materials with precision.