Contract Machining


Machining is the process of creating chips. The purpose of the process is to ensure that this process is performed in a way that provides optimal chip formation, rather than spending time shaping the metal to a specific size and shape. Machining is an effective technology that includes very different technology principles such as static, chemistry, material, heat.

Honing, milling, planing, shaping, turning, grinding processes are machining methods.

As DMR Machine, we attach importance to the compatibility of the metal product with the design, the delivery in the desired time and the quality of the material used in the production of pieces for sawdust production. In the machining process, when the cutting equipment is pressurized with a certain force on the work material and pressure is applied by this force, flowing is observed in the material after the flexible and plastic shape transformations. As soon as these stresses exceed the separation limit of the product, the surface layer called sawdust is separated from the work section.

  • Tool Quality of the Cutter
  • Cutting Speed of Cutter
  • Depth of Cut Amount
  • Cutter Feed Amount
  • Cutter Cutting Angles
  • Cutter Vibration
  • Cutter Coolant
  • Diameters of Inserts

You can also contact our team, which attaches importance to quality and continues production meticulously, for contract machining.