Contract Cnc Milling


CNC  is an English abbreviation. Computer means counted administration. NC machines process “automatically” with tapes on which holes are drilled according to a special standard. CNC machines are machines that process “automatically” by being programmed with a computer mounted on them. It is mostly used in the shipbuilding industry. It is used for cutting horizontal metal sheets. G (preparatory) codes, M (auxiliary) codes are used to use CNC machines. There are two kinds of standards in the programming of CNC machines.

  1. ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standard
  2. DIN (German Norms Institute) standard

Machinery producing companies have further developed and diversified these code systems within the framework of these standards.

The CNC milling machine is the name given to the machines that remove the chips from the workpieces by making a linear progression movement with the pocket knife with many cutting edges on it. Milling machines are used for purposes such as machining flat and angled surfaces, grooving, making straight and circular divisions. So much so that automotive, aerospace, defense, machinery manufacturing, molding and so on. We can see the widespread use of CNC milling machines in the entire machinery and manufacturing sector.

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