Chain Gear Manufacturing

Chain Gear Manufacturing

Chain Sprocket is a type of gear used in areas where the distance between the axes is long and rotational movement in the same plane is required. One of the advantages of the Sprocket is that the Sprockets can work without any problems as a part of the power transmission systems, despite the increase in distance. High torque can be obtained by using Chain Gear. Chain Gears are generally used in gear mechanisms that require low speed due to their structure. It makes noise in the gear in high speed usage. Chain Gears provide advantages over other gear types in terms of lubrication requirement and can also work in open air conditions. The sprocket is sagging on the side where the gap remains, and the sprockets must be in a tight working order in order to work efficiently.

As DMR Machine, we manufacture relay sprockets and special type sprockets as well as standard sprockets for various construction machines. The sprocket is coated with galvanization and other coating methods for environments where rust and corrosion should not occur after being subjected to heat treatment according to working conditions.

Chain gear manufacturing is made of different materials according to the usage area;

  • Chain gear made of 4140 and 8620 cemented steel material
  • Chain gear made of Ç 1050 (CK 45) manufacturing steel material
  • Chain gear made of stainless steel material
  • Chain gears are manufactured by using plastic materials such as plastic materials (kestamide sprocket, delrin sprocket, polyamide sprocket).

We manufacture sprockets in our workshop in Istanbul. Chain Gears are manufactured according to known gear manufacturing standards such as American standards ANSI B29.1 and German DIN standards. The most widely used sprocket standards are in German DIN 8187 and 8188 standards. As a gear manufacturer, we manufacture special type sprockets and standard sprockets for our customers. During the production of sprockets, heat treatments such as induction and cementation can be applied to the sprockets according to the demands of our customers, and operations such as wedge opening, set screw opening can be made to the sprocket as well as sprocket opening.

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